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rewiring house Melbourne

House Rewiring Melbourne

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Need you home rewired ?  …. if your home is more than 25 years old or you have any concerns about the condition of your house wiring, you can arrange for United Electrical Services Home Safety Inspection.

Our qualified electricians,  will conduct a thorough assessment of the condition of the electrical installation in your home, and provide a report listing any defects which need attention and guide you with solutions to repair electrical works. Any remedial work can be arranged to be repaired for a fixed price and a Certificate of electrical Compliance issued.

You can also find out about our $50 rebate available to Seniors Card holders who book and pay for an electrical home inspection.

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House Rewiring Melbourne - electrician-vouchers-100

House Rewiring Melbourne -electrician-vouchers-100


How to determine if you may need a rewire.

The most common symptoms on a home more than 25 years old are –

  • Loss of power in short intervals when using many appliances
  • Old electrical fuse boards, Note – you may find older homes with new circuit breaker switchboard, this is still not a good indication the home has been rewired.
  • Porcelian fuses too hot to touch
  • Wiring clipped to floor boards or around architraves and not protected
  • No earth a lighting points
  • No earthing at power points
  • Electric cables in original metal conduit that has been disturbed
  • Lights flickering at night when using appliances
  • Safety Switch tripping will be frequent with older homes due to cable insulation breakdown

Illegal wiring

House Rewiring Melbourne illegal-wiring

House Rewiring Melbourne illegal-wiring

Poor wiring practice, the image above shows water entry in junction box, electric cable not protected or fixed to wall , cable used as a clothes line.

Are there difficulties faced with rewiring a home

The ease or difficulty of rewiring your home will be partly dependent on the type of house (i.e. solid brick, timber) that you live in. In order to install and conceal new electrical cabling, access under floors and in roof space becomes important.  When rewiring power points in a solid brick home we sometimes have to take up the floorboards,  or use the outside part of the wall and install conduit, This may be acceptable if the home is under renovation.

Most homes whether timber or brick veneer  have cavity gaps between the walls, so the electric cables can be installed without any inconvenience. However, when rewiring two-storey houses, there’s no avoiding lifting up the floorboards on the second level or a popular choice is to cut plaster ceilings to gain access and create man traps in walk in robes.

Unfortunately many issues that come with rewiring cannot be detected until rewiring begins even if you site has been inspected.This should not be a deterrent as there can be solutions to overcome most issues. There are many rules and regulations our electricians need to comply with and safe work practices are always adopted.

Alternative home cable systems

When engaging in an electrical rewire the opportunity in installing additional power points, lighting points new light fittings, data home networking, phone points and TV outlets can be an advantage and cost effective way to modernise your home.

Do I need to be at home when rewiring my home

When it comes to the question of staying in the home versus taking yourself away while the rewiring job is being done, the best thing to do is converse with our electricians and they will explain the schedule for the day. Most of the time being home will not be difficult to live around as we communicate with our customers at all times and clean up after each day.

How long will electrical house rewire take to complete

The number of days an electrical house rewire will take depends on the number of power and lighting points to be installed this also includes, electric ovens, hot water system, air conditioning, TV points, exhaust fans, phone and data points. As a general rule of time frame between 5 to 10 days for a medium size house. If you choose to replace your light fittings then this will add addition time also.

If your rewire also includes consumer mains upgrade then a truck appointment is arranged with your electricity retailer. This includes faxing an electrical work request, waiting for a response / payment agreement and then booking your appointment.

Our rewiring technique is done in such a way that the family always has electric services running in the evening, when they are home.

Estimate –  Costs of rewiring a home

The cost of a rewire should be looked at as an investment as well as safety and will depend on the number of points, lighting, power points and main switch boards are installed, not only a safety benefit, a positive outcome will be the increased value added when completed.

Electrical Rewiring Ashwood

27 March 2012, in relation to job #00552,

Ashwood, Melbourne Vic


Don ‘s feedback :  *****

“Thanks United Electrical for the professional, freindly, efficient and well priced work you did on our house. Re-wiring seemed a daunting task until we called you! “

Quality: Very professional

Price: Competitive

Electrical Rewiring Surrey Hills

27 March 2012, in relation to job #00835,

Surrey Hills, Melbourne Vic


Mac ‘s feedback :  *****

“I have some experience in the building industry and have seen a number of electricians work. I can say without doubt Steve (and his offsider Peter)is the best I have encountered. I have worked with one other electrician who is technically as good as Steve but Steve is a long way in front because he really cares about how his work looks and operates when finished which I think is a bit rare these days. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve and Peter and the firm’s administration which keeps you up to date with what’s going on. “

Quality: Very professional

Price: Competitive

Electrical House Rewire Yarraville

04 February 2012, in relation to job #00101018,

Yarraville Melbourne Vic


Mr C. Sullivan ‘s feedback :  *****

“like to take this time to thank you all very much. Every step of the process in dealing with you has been a pleasure. Steve was a really great, easy going guy to deal with. I felt completely confident in leaving the house and letting him get on with thework. The payment plan that you arranged was a fantastic option for me, given that I’ve got a baby on the way along with a bucket load of other bills!I would not hesitate in recommending your work and services to anyone and everyone that asks. “

Quality: Very Good


Electrical House Rewire Sandringham

09 February 2012, in relation to job #00111092,

Sandringham Melbourne Vic


Allister ‘s feedback :  *****

” All Good “

Quality: Very Good

Price:Very Good

Electrical House Rewire St Kilda

11 February 2012, in relation to job #0017112,

St Kilda Melbourne Vic


Sue ‘s feedback :  *****

” Service was excellent from first quote to completed work – on time every day and within budget. I would highly recommend “

Quality: Very Good

Price:Very Good

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