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Electrical Certificate Of Electrical Safety

United Electrical Services supply and submit Electrical Safety Certificate forms with all completed electrical installation works. Whether your electrical installation requirements are for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial applications including alterations, additions, new installations and . Many consumers are not aware about the three Electrical Safety Certificate that need to be issued by a Registered Electrical Contractors and Qualified Electrician.

Non Prescribed – Electrical Safety Certificate.

Non prescribed electrical forms are Certified and submitted for work completed for anything after the Main Switch in your Switchboard and work were a Electrical Inspector is not required. The practical list of Non Prescribed Electrical work can be used as a guide:

oven repair and installation
240 volt operated door bells and intercom systems
power points for security alarms
Electrical smoke alarms installed
Installing a safety switch
replacing a power point or light switch
reconnecting electrical appliances
disconnecting electrical appliances
Air conditioning repair ans installation
ceiling fan installation and repairs
light switches repair and replace
lighting installation and repair

Prescribed – Electrical Safety Certificate Form.

Prescribed Electrical Forms. are used to Certify electrical installations where main Switchboards are replaced and works involving an Electrical Inspector. All Prescribed work needs to be certified and signed by a Registered Electrical Inspector. Use the following as an example:

Relocation of point of attachment
Main earth system
Main switch board
Main switch lighting or power
Sub-mains, earthing systems and any distribution boards related to the control of individual occupier’s portions of multiple installations unless the occupier has immediate and unimpeded access to the main switch or switches controlling the whole of the multiple installation
Electrical wiring and electrical equipment installed in hazardous areas within the meaning of section 9.0 of the SAA Wiring Rules and protection equipment associated with hazardous areas
High voltage installations except high voltage wiring and equipment that is :-
associated with an electric discharge lighting system; or
associated with X-ray equipment; or
associated with high frequency equipment; or
within self contained equipment supplied at low voltage
Electrical control and protection equipment associated with standby generation or co-generation electricity supply systems
Electric fences used for security purposes but not including electric fences intended primarily for the control or containment of animals
Electrical installations comprising remote area power supplies with a power rating exceeding 500 volt amperes not connected to a supply authority distribution system

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