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Quotes And Correspondences

All quotes and correspondences are valid for 7 days only.

United Electrical Services reserve the right to evaluate all work before the commencement of works and before providing a fixed price agreement of service, All verbal/email/texting correspondence / agreement are not final until a United Electrical Services representative enters a legal agreement with the consumer / home owner/ business owner or representative for the services to be undertaken, All correspondence is final when the signing of our work order agreement to commence the services is signed by you and a copy provided when completed.                    


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Do We issue A Certificate Of Electrical Safety ?

Yes, United Electrical Services supply and submit a Certificate Of  Electrical Safety.
For More Information Please visit our Certificate Of Electrical Safety

Do We offer special rates for Schools/Non Profit & Community Organisations?

Yes, we do offer discounted rates to both schools and non profit community organisations. We see the value and understand the contribution offered by such organisations and community groups.

Commitment To Service

At United Electrical Services we are committed to providing you with superior service. To this end we have the right people and resources to ensure we meet your needs with the right services and advice, first time. United Electrical Services aims to action your enquiry within 2 business days although enquiries that are specialised or require input from third parties may take longer.

Service Guarantee

A 12 month service guarantee required buy law should be honored by most service providers, United Electrical Services P/L also offer an extended 25 year guarantee from date of services completed. As a responsible Electrical Contracting Company  we feel our valued customers should experience the highest service possible. United Electrical Services agrees that after sales service is just as important as arriving on time and cleaning up after our selves on completing your project. As a customer you will recognize a United Electrical Services agent, wearing a uniform with our logo and security contractor ID pass and before work will commence a unique electrical work request form with our logo to be signed buy you (customer) to protect yourself from impersonators. This will protect our customers from sub standard work and honor our 25 year guarantee.

Material Warranties

United Electrical Services material warranty are governed buy manufacturer guidelines as it is not in our control, to control the quality of products purchased. UES chooses Australian made products first or of the highest standards or to customer requests.

Our company policy is to handle all Warranty issues via email, to eliminate any misunderstandings and to documented the Warranty progress we believe this provides a quicker outcome for both consumer and service provider. Unfortunately there is a process with Warranty claims as we and the manufacturer need to determine all possibilities as to why issues are arising with electrical components or repair technique. We cannot just assume what the problem may be and replacing parts without understanding the underlying issues, and as inconvenient that may be at times, we would appreciate your patience and allow the warranty to take its course.

Charges - Wasted Appointments

It is our highest priority to provide you with an on time service between the time bracket you have been given. If in the Event that we are not running on time you will be given a courtesy call to either reschedule for another time slot or day. We will always call or text you half hour before arriving to establish property entry and that a responsible adult is available for the appointment. If your not available and have not informed our office on the opening bushiness day of the appointment we have the right to charge/invoice you for a wasted appointment fee of $80.00non refundable.

United Electrical Services privacy policy

We understand the importance you place on Privacy. United Electrical Services is committed to compliance with the laws that protect your personal information. All or any personal information collected is strictly kept confidential and never forwarded to any third parties for profit or promotion use.

At United Electrical Services we collect your personal information (including your name, address, other relevant identification information) because without it we cannot provide you with a reliable electrical service.