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Safety Switches


Safety Switches monitor the flow of electricity though a circuit and detect a problem which may pose a risk to personal safety and turn the power off within 0.03 of a second. Unlike circuit breakers, a safety switch detects a electrical leak to earth. Normally when an electrical appliance is in use,current flows along the active wire, through the appliance and back along the neutral wire.

          Single Pole Safety Switch                                     Two Pole Safety Switch                               Four Pole Safety Switch

A Safety Switch continually monitors the power flowing through the active and neutral wires, and should there be a difference in
electrical current flow, the safety switch instantly cuts off power. What causes the difference in current flow ? Electricity running though your body to earth, by for the most common cause of electrocution. Another common cause for safety switch trip, is heavy rain. Water always find its way behind  external light fittings and external power points, it is then you need to contact
a 24 hour electrician to make the situation safe.

It takes only a tiny amount of electrical current to seriously or fatally injure a normal healthy adult. A safety switch cuts off the power supply when the residual current exceeds 30 milliamp, a small amount when you consider many power tools, portable
heaters etc, can be up to 10 ampere. Safety switches always have a test button and 30ma written on them, manufacturers ask to test them once a month.