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Powerboards And Adapters


Electrical Power Boards have failed in homes and businesses all too often, we hear the fatality's they cause and the fire damage to domestic and commercial property's. Power board should only be used in temporary  situations and never for long term use. A Power Board should be tested frequently and monitored for signs of wear and tear. The most obvious sign to look  for are when your power board become worm to hot  when touched. In some instances you can here peaces of rubble inside them when you shake or moving your power board, if so they need to be replaced responsibly so that children cannot find them.

The use of powerboards is no substitute for permently installed power points. Due to their portability and upward facing sockets. power boards are more prone to damage, contamination and wear and tear than fixed power points. Never use power boards and adapters for use with electric heaters, this will cause hot spots on your powerboard and may catch on fire.

Powerboards can also cause heat stress to the power point that it is plugged into. A standard single power point  has been designed to accept one appliance at a time and the power point is rated at 10 Amps,  by connecting a 6 outlet powerboared with 6 additional power sockets you are now increasing the rick of fire. United Electrical Services have many times been called out during the cooler months for emergency calls due to safety switch tripping and found melted power points caused by power board and adapters plugged into each other with electric heaters, TV's, clothes irons creating an over load and over heating.

Using Powerboards Safely

United Electrical Services recommend not to use power boards, in the event that a powerboard be used for a short convenient time here are some simple safety power board practices.

  • Do not cascade or piggy-back power boards
  • Do not use double adaptors in conjunction with a power board
  • Check from time to time to ensure that power boards show no obvious signs of damage and that socket contacts firmly grip the plug when inserted. ( ie there is no sloppiness when inserting the plug or when it is inserted.)
  • Do not use power boards outdoors or in dusty or polluted environments, such as workshops and building sites
  • Do not use power boards in locations accessible by infants, children or pets
  • Do not use power boards in wet areas or areas where there is likely to be water present, beneath aquariums, in a kitchen or bathroom.
  • Do not continue to use a power board if it has been subjected to moisture or water, or has in any way been damaged
  • Consider permanently installing fixed power points by a registered electrical contractor for long term solutions.

What To Look For When Buying  A  Powerboard

When buying powerboards look for good quality adaptors that comply to current Australian Standards, the current Australian Standard requires that all power boards incorporate minimum safety requirements, including a circuit breaker to prevent overloading if  fitted with three or more outlets.  Many older models might not incorporated a circuit breaker and it is highly recommended that these units be replaced with more up to date model.