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You've chosen the perfect lighting and you know where you want it to go. That's the fun bit done. The installation & finding an Electrician in Melbourne well we understand how tricky that can be. But be rest assured United Electrical Services can help with that.

Our trusted, qualified electricians come to your home/office & install your new light fittings as well as provide a test & tag service. As you would expect from United Electrical Services our triple guarantee & our electricians in Melbourne are experts in their trade with a wealth of lighting product knowledge & resources our competitors envy . United Electrical Services not only install light fittings but can supply a large range from:

  • Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans provide a natural energy saving cooling solution. Most ceiling fans use only about as much power as a 60 watt light bulb which equates to less than 1 cent per hour to run.

Ceiling fans will save you money in utility bills in both the winter and summer months.Fans are the cheapest cooling device you can buy. The key to making fans work for you is to couple them with good insulation and ventilation. Read more about ceiling fans....

  • Energy Efficient Down-lights

The future of lighting is transforming homes, gardens, architectural spaces, cars and boats. LED lighting provides key advantages over conventional lighting technologies; their high efficiency with extremely low energy consumption, LED lights can last tens of years longer than standard lights making them ideal for harder to access areas such as high ceilings, outdoor areas, buildings, signs etc.Read more about LED down lights......

  • Exhaust Fans

Apart from local building regulations, it is important to ventilate well wet areas so as to avoid future humidity damage to walls and ceiling. Ventilation is also important in toilets to dissipate odors produced. AS 1668.2 Supplement 1—2002 The use of ventilation and air-conditioning in buildings: Ventilation design for indoor air contaminant control. For more information on exhaust fans.....

  • Out door garden lighting

Installing garden lights is one of the easiest ways that you can improve the look, feel, and usefulness of your property.  When most people think of exterior lights, they just imagine a few spotlights that cast some light on the yard or driveway so that you can have to light not to trip on your way in the door. 

However when used correctly, exterior lights don’t just provide functionality, they also provide your property with a unique look and feel that will only come out at night. Read more about out door garden lighting.......

  • Security Sensor lighting

Sensor lights can be purchased in two basic styles, each will  have advantages and disadvantages. You can buy sensor lights with a light fitting combined or a separate sensor to control an existing light or lights. What are the pro's and con's.
Read more about  security sensor lights.......

  • All types of energy saving light globes

A short list of energy saving light globes to use as a guide for replacing your incandescent light bulbs in your home. Changing to energy saving bulbs will save you up to 80% of energy used in your home and energy saving bulbs will last 6 times as long as your conventional incandescent globes.

Energy saving globes don't  produce as much heat as your conventional globes and this will extend your maintenance on light fittings.Read more about energy saving light bulbs.......

  • Light Dimmers

A light dimmer lets you adjust the lighting levels in an area, for any occasion. For instance, you may want to add a little romance to an intimate dinner, create the right mood for a move, or leave just enough light on to navigate your way to the bathroom.

In commercial environments too, light dimmers have an almost endless number of applications. Auditoriums, restaurants and boardrooms are just a few of the possible locations in which a dimmer will offer you full control of lighting to suit any occasion. Read more about lighting control dimmers......

  • Our electricians can provide quality advice and cost effective Architectural Lighting , Emergency Lighting, Exit Lighting Repairs and Installation for you Home and Business. Have United Electrical Services lighting design and consultant team change the way your home and business feels and looks at all year round.
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