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Energy Saving Light Bulbs 


A short list of energy saving light globes to use as a guide for replacing your incandescent light bulbs in your home. Changing to energy saving bulbs will save you up to 80% of energy used in your home and energy saving bulbs will last 6 times as long as your conventional incandescent globes. Energy saving globes don't  produce as much heat as your conventional globes and this will extend your maintenance on light fittings.

One of the most asked questions about energy saving light bulbs, are they dimmable. It will take time for technology to keep up, but there are energy saving light globe on the market to buy now. Visit dimmable energy saving light globes for more information.


 New look energy saver similar in shape to a standard light bulb.
Ideal for areas where the light bulb is visible in the light fitting with open shades.


Long Lasting,  Energy Savers last 6 times as long as standard incandescent bulbs
Energy Efficient. Up to 80% Energy Saving compared to standard incandescent bulbs, saving you money on electricity bills suitable replacement for standard batten holder light points.


Ideal spot light globe for areas where light is left on for a long period or hard to reach areas where a brighter lighting solution is required. Can be used to replace out door spot lighting in the garden and replace large conventional downlighting, these bulbs also come in Edison screw base to suite the applications above.


Compact size makes it the ideal replacement for standard light bulbs used for lamps and floor lamps where lamp shades restrict larger globe sizes. Ideal for areas where light are left on for long periods or those hard to reach places.


Spiral shade to provide a compact size, high light output light bulb. The all-rounder con be suited to most applications and, ideal for areas where light are left on for long periods, hard to reach places or where a brighter lighting solution is required.

For More information on Lighting Alternative Please visit  - "Lighting Alternatives.


Eco Classic, A-Shape
These 70W halogen GLS bulbs are a direct replacement for the 100W incandescent GLS. Halogen lamps are fully dimmable and give instant 100% light output. With twice the lamp life and pure bright halogen light, these Philips halogen GLS light bulbs are an excellent alternative to incandescent GLS bulbs.

Same familiar light bulb shape, same light output... yet less expense Simply replacing the standard bulb for a HALOGEN Energy Saver with 30% lower wattage yields the same light with twice the product life. Minimising your lamp replacement and electricity costs. Available in Edison screw and Bayonet bases and available for chandelier applications. For more information read dimmable energy saving bulbs.