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Low voltage halogen downlights provide great general and task lighting, and have a unique finish that enhances the natural beauty of any home.

Durable and stylish, they come in a variety of modern designs for every room of your home; from white, brushed chrome, chrome silver, bathroom frosted glass and bathroom arctic silver finishes - Their are downlights to suit every décor. Adding significant value to your home, now and in years to come.

They are also available in fixed or adjustable designs and come with a electronic or iron core transformers, any downlight transformer should be tested and approved to Australian standards.

Downlights are an efficient and economical source of light that are suitable for a broad range of applications. 12V Halogen downlights provide a bright, overall light and use less energy than standard incandescent lamps. 240V Halogen downlights give the same colour as 12V Halogen downlights without the need for a transformer. 240V Incandescent downlights are an economical alternative to halogens and provide warm, welcoming light. Designed with commercial environments in mind, Metal Halide ,PLC downlights  and LED downlights provide brilliant light outputs and consume less energy than traditional lamps.


        Fixed Downlight                                                                                      Adjustable Gimbal Downlight


Highlight your best features

Do you have a favourite photo or piece of artwork that deserves special attention? Consider the creative effects that can be achieved with a gimble downlight; its rotatable design has the ability to move the light beam and highlight certain features of your home. Various lamp beam angles also make downlights an attractive lighting option. EXT lamps offer a 14-degree angle and are especially effective over bench tops, kitchen benches and bars, where as EXN lamps provide a 38-degree angle and FNV lamps 60 degrees, both of which are more suitable for general-purpose lighting. Alternatively, install fixed straight-down styles in bulkheads for a look that is really impressive. However you use them, downlights are one of the most stylish ways to shed some light on your home's best features. Now an integral part of any well designed interior, they not only illuminate a room but can also be used to create dramatic lighting effects in the home, giving it that extra wow factor and filling your guests with envy. Downlights have glass-covered facias to reduce UV radiation and are therefore suitable for lighting sensitive artworks.


Splash out in the bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom or other wet areas in your home, don't let a little water get in the way of good design. These rooms needn't be left in the dark. Their are low voltage downlight models that incorporate IP54 ratings, meaning they are perfectly safe in areas of high humidity and water exposure.


 Downlight styles come in a range that are stunning and fashionable. Available in white, brushed chrome and chrome, the low voltage downlights, with their modern and stylish floating glass fascia turn any downlight installation from a function into a feature. Check out the range to suit any application. Speak to a friendly United Electrical Services consultant about how you can calculate the correct spacing and design of downlights into your building plans.


CFL downlights

 The new range of CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) downlights is the most energy efficient form of lighting for households available on the market.


Sure you want a home that looks great. However these days in the fight against climate change, energy efficiency is just as important. You can reduce the amount of energy used for your lighting by at least 15 per cent, by simply making smarter lighting choices and moving to more efficient technologies?

The downlight range of CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) are the most energy efficient form of lighting for households, as the fluorescent lamps provide the same light level as incandescent bulbs, but only use about one quarter of the energy.

Downlight fittings are available in white chrome and brushed chrome, and lamps are available in warm white colour or cool white.