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Doorbell Alternatives.  


One of the best ways to know that someone is at your front door is to have a doorbell for them to ring. You don't want guests standing on your doorstep believing your not home when you are expecting them. Doorbell installation can be simple to install with DIY kits available to complex electric powered systems requiring a electrician.

 A doorbell installation will depend on your personal requirement and location. A list of doorbells may help to determine which unit suits you best.

Remote Doorbell

Installing a new doorbell is so easy even the non do-it-your self can do it. One of the easiest ways to install a new doorbell is to buy a remote doorbell. No installation, just stick the door press near  your door outside with the self adhesive and plug your receiver in a power point. A doorbell is actually a small transmitter, and when a button is pushed, a signal is sent to a bell which acts as a receiver.


Wireless Doorbell

A wireless doorbell  run on battery power, the outside door press holds a small battery  and  the internally bell holds 4  large battery's. Installation will will require mounting the outside doorbell press close to your front door and installing the bell in a hallway or the back end of your home, possibly in the living areas. When the door press is used it sends a signal to the chime to activate a tune.

Battery Wired Doorbell
Before remote sensor  technology  was introduced the most common door bell installed in most homes were battery wired doorbells. This particular doorbell has three components to it, first the out door button and the indoor bell. Then a small two wire cable needed to be installed between the door press and bell unit inside, no fancy wiring needed just two simple connections and when the outside door press is used it will close the circuit and activate the bell inside. The 4 large DD battery's installed in the bell power the unit, no battery's are needed on the door press.

Electrical  Doorbell
Electric doorbells are the most versatile units, there powered by a 240 volt electrical transformer and need no battery, so the need for changing battery's is obsolete. Electric doorbells also give you more variety with your door press, a common advantage is a light highlighting the door press surround, this can be useful at night letting your guests know were your bell press is located. You still have the ability to install a second door press and the doorbell is limited to a buzzer or  standard ding-dong sound. The cost of hiring an electrician will out-way the costs of changing a couple of battery's in the long run.

Electric doorbell press   Electric door chime  Electric door press

Doorbell Video Intercom

SEE, HEAR & SPEAK to visitors before opening the door. Infrared lights (LED's) so you can see at night!. Compact design. Unlock the door or gate at the touch of a button (electric door lock required - sold separately).
Safety security & convenience - know who's at the door before you open it!

For video doorbell installation costs contact our electricians a UES representative here  - contact us here For more doorbell intercom installation information and costs click here to veiw doorbell video cost and installation.


Doorbell Video Intercom's lets you to SEE, HEAR and SPEAK to visitors at your front door from the safety and comfort of your home. When your doorbell rings this doorbell Video Intercom sends live B&W images of your visitor to the monitor. Simply pick up the handset and you can HEAR SEE and SPEAK to the visitor - without opening the door! most doorbell Video Intercom's also feature an electric lock option so you can open the door with the touch of a button*.


*Electric lock required - sold separately.