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Are Energy Saving Bulbs Dimmable.  


Philips dimmable Tornado provides the best of both worlds, the compact size of a Tornado Energy saver lamp with a capability to work with most consumer dimmers*. The Tornado T3 with phase cutting technology is so discreet it is practically hidden from view. Best of all, you will save even more energy when the light is dimmed.

So now you can install an energy efficient lamp that shines brilliantly bright when you need the light and offers the scene-setting advantages of dimmable lighting.

Why choose Philips dimmable Tornado?

  • Light levels can be adjusted to suit the scene
  • Can be used with most conventional dimmers*
  • Offers a wide range of dimming (from 10 to 100%)**
  • Fast run up time
  • Starts up at minimum dimmer level of 10%
  • Compact and attractive design to suit many fittings
  • Quality Philips technology delivers up to 80% energy savings over incandescent bulbs
  • Light does not flicker*
  • No hum*

* Test performed in Philips laboratories based on dimming capability, flickering, humming and ignite at low dimming level with most consumer dimmers.
** Soon in a 5-100% version


Philips dimmable Tornado lamps are an ideal replacement for incandescent bulbs and standard energy savers in indoor fixtures, meeting both functional and aesthetic lighting requirements. Ideal for living, dining rooms, bedrooms, halls and studies for those who are looking for practical energy savings and who take pride in their home's interior design. The new Philips dimmable Tornado lamps can generally be used where you currently have dimmer switches installed.

Note: A 500W dimmer support maximum five (5) 20W Energy Savers.


Dimmable T3 is suitable for most consumer dimmers with phase cutting technology. For Australia, we recommend use with: Clipsal E3031HD, Clipsal 32E450UDM, Clipsal 32E450TM, PDL CAT624TM, HPM CAT400L or HPM CAT400T with a single dimmable Tornado.


In case you want to connect more than one lamp (up to four), the dimmer that has shown the best performance is Clipsal 32E450TM.

Does the color of the light change when dimmed?
Our dimmable energy saving lamp is available in two white colors, being Warm White and Cool Day Light. When dimmed, both versions will maintain their distinct color impressions. Although there is a slight difference in light color between maximum and minimum light output, the difference is hardly visible to the human eye.


The GE Dimmable energy saving compact fluorescent is a  product offering continuous dimming function from 20% up to 100% light output. This, coupled with its high lumen output make it the most functionally versatile CFL on the market today. Long life is an important attribute for energy saving lamps as it reduces replacement and maintenance costs associated with expired bulbs. GE Dimmable offers a long and genuine 8000 hours life. Other attributes include a choice of wattages, colour temperatures, bases and packaging options. The GE Dimmable can be used anywhere, from hotels and restuarants, to houses or apartments, and offers 80% energy saving as compared to standard incandescent light bulbs.

GE Dimmable CFL Energy Saver Product Description Wattage Energy Saving Colour Temp Lumens Base Options Ctn Qty Packaging 13w Warm White Blister 13w 80% 2700K 850 B22/E27 6 Blister 13w Daylight Box 13w 80% 6500K 850 B22/E27 10 Box 20w Warm White Blister 20w 80% 2700K 1350 B22/E27 6 Blister 20w Daylight Box 20w 80% 6500K 1350 B22/E27 10 Box

Philips introduces world's most energy efficient and dimmable halogen lamps for the home and office

New awarded EcoClassic energy saving lamps combine fantastic light quality with 50 per cent energy saving

Royal Philips Electronics (AEX: PHI, NYSE: PHG) is launching a new range of state-of-the-art energy saving lamps, enabling consumers to create a perfect ambiance in their homes. The EcoClassic combines the very best light quality with an impressive 50% energy saving. The lamp starts instantly, is dimmable and comes in a retrofit design, which means that consumers can use the halogen energy savers in all traditional lamp sockets.


The EcoClassic is the first ever energy saving lamp purposely designed to suit decorative fixtures where existing energy savers could not be used.  Importantly, the EcoClassic delivers a 50 per cent energy saving over traditional bulbs without compromising on light quality in the room or the visual effect of the lighting installation.  Recognizing the lamp's design credentials, earlier this year, the EcoClassic range won an International Forum (iF) Gold award.


The EcoClassic range includes the EcoClassic 50 and the EcoClassic 30.

  • The EcoClassic 50 is a state-of-the-art energy saving lamp that combines the best light quality with a 50 per cent energy saving.  The lamp lights like a halogen, has instant start and is dimmable. With its beautiful design it will be perfect for open lamp fittings around the home.


  • The EcoClassic 30 lamp also lights like a halogen, has instant start is dimmable and saves 30 per cent energy. Used to replace GLS conventional light fittings and chandelier candlelight fittings.


The latest EcoClassic range now meets consumer demand for the very highest light quality from energy saving lamps.  Now consumers can create a perfect ambiance and significantly reduce the amount of energy they are using for their home lighting with an attractive lamp that is suitable for any room around the home.