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Christmas Light Alternatives And Safety


When installing your Christmas lighting consider safety, try not to use double adapters,  plug  your Christmas lighting in a power point per power plug. You may consider installing addition power outlets to overcome a shortage of power outlets . If excessive power adapters are used this could cause a potential power overload on the power points their plugged into and damage your power points and possibly cause a fire. For more information visit our electrical Powerboard page.
Check to see if  your home has a Safety Switch,  Safety Switches will detect faulty wiring and protect you from electrocution if you are unaware of damaged leads and Christmas lighting. If unsure how to test a safety switch or have never been test book an appointment  with our electricians to test your safety switch installation.

External power points should be used on the outside of your home for external Christmas lighting and bud lighting. Normal internal power outlets are not suited in exposed weather conditions.

External Weather Proof Power Point External Power Point Shown Above

Here are some tips to follow when using and installing Christmas lighting.

  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding assembly, installation and globe replacement.
  • Do not use damaged or faulty Christmas lights. Check that they are in good condition before using them each Christmas.
  • Never use Christmas lights outdoors unless they are specifically designed for such use. Similarly make sure extension cords are only suitable for outdoor use.
  • Do not cover or modify decorative lights.
  • Always switch off and unplug Christmas lights when unattended or when watering a Christmas tree.
  • Observe and monitor the correct operation of your decorative lights when unpacked and initially used.
  • In households with infants and young children, consider using extra-low-voltage (less than 50 Volts) decorative lights supplied from an approved transformer.

There are many Christmas lights on the market Today and choosing them can be tricky. If you purchased Christmas lights or Decorative lighting from overseas, market places be aware of  unapproved lighting products some passable signs to look for are

  • Light sets designed for (overseas) voltages less than 230 Volts (normal supply voltage in Australia is currently 240 Volts)
  • Plugs incompatible with Australian socket outlets and power points.
  • Dangerously thin electrical insulation on the flexible leads, try to compare them to your existing leads in your home for a simple observation.
  • When replacing globe and bulbs be aware, incorrectly rated globes may overheat and cause surrounding materials to catch fire.
  • Inadequately attached cords that may pull out of lamp holders and expose live cables.