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Cent A Meter


Cent a meter can monitor the cost of electricity in your home, help manage your electricity costs. This electricity meter, which measure the electricity being used and display the cost per hour on a portable display located inside your home or business. By knowing which appliances use a lot of electricity, you can adopt new energy saving practices. With such an electric meter you can make any home or work place more energy efficient and greatly reduce your energy bills. Whats more, through saving electricity, you'll also be doing your bit for the environment.

The Cent a Meter is an electronic device which measures electricity used and displays valuable information so that you can make decisions on how to save on energy & power. Cent a Meter displays an easy to read information on a large clear screen and immediately shows the amount of electricity used by electrical appliances along with the running costs in plane cent per value and an additional feature to display power consumption in respect to greenhouse gas submissions generated, the Cent a Meter unit also shows what the ambient temperature is inside your living or work area along with a humidifier and appliance running costs in KW hour value.

Knowing the amount electricity used can help with safety issues also, one customer feed back explained in their own words.
"After about a week of analysis with the Cent a Meter you know exactly the average power consumption used, lets say 00.06 cents an hour, one particular morning I looked across to the fridge and saw that the unit was showing 0.15 cents an hour and found it strange as my husband left for work and my two teenage children were at school. So I walked up
stairs searching and found in the main bathroom our electric wall heater left on. It was a fine example had there been no indication, of what could have gone wrong. I had planed to leave for work my self, so I would hate to think the amount of power being used and possible fire damage to our home"

Fiona, Brunswick Melbourne 3000

There are three parts to the Cent a Meter firstly you have the main body with a large screen with mode, navigation and alarm buttons, also centameter comes with a stand. A transmitter unit that sits next to your switchboard and a clip on sensor that attaches to your main electrical live cable and pugs into the transmitter. The two popular applications are single phase supplies and three phase supplies, the later needing an extra two leads that attach on the extra two electrical phase supplies. You need to hire an electrician to install Cent A Meter safely.


It is recommended cent a meter be installed by a licensed electrician. Our Melbourne electricians are qualified and experienced to install your cent a meter. With our cost effective price we can arrange our electrician to install and program your cent a meter. Installation available Melbourne metro.

Cent A Meter Additional Information & features include :

  • Display of power/energy consumption used

  • Displays the cost per hour of electricity energy

  • Display Equivalent green house gas generated

  • Display the KW hour your appliance uses


The Cent A Meter receiver computes the approximate power use, energy cost and greenhouse gas generation and displays the results on a large portable LCD screen. Consumers can input specific country currency and voltage, electricity tariff rate, greenhouse gas conversion factor and peak load alarm value.

  • Cent a meter can save you money by using energy efficient practices and appliances and turning them off when not required.
  • The CENT-A-METER acts as a safety check to see if any electric heater, stove, iron etc. has been left turned on before leaving home.
  • Educate household members about the operating costs of electrical appliances.
  • Peak Load can be reduced by using the alarm to keep power usage and cost below a set amount.
  • Environmental emissions can be minimized by using energy from renewable resources such as solar, wind and hydro. The monitor shows the amount of greenhouse gas generated by your electricity use
  • Temperature and Humidity shows home comfort level together with cost of heating or cooling
  • Power and Current flow can be checked for correct and efficient operations of appliances
  • For safety reasons a licensed electrician is required to install the cent a meter
  • Cent a meter settings and display modes can be viewed and changed by push buttons