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10 Lighting Energy Saving Lighting Tips 


Use Lights Efficiently

Provide multiple switches to control the number of lights that come on at any one time. Using one switch to turn on all the lights in a large room is very inefficient. Place switches at the exits from rooms and use two-way switching to encourage lights to be turned off when leaving the room.

Smart light switches and fittings use movement sensors to turn lights on and off automatically. These are useful in rooms used infrequently where lights may be left on by mistake, or for the elderly and disabled. Make sure they have a built-in daylight sensor so that the light doesn't turn on unnecessarily. Models which must be turned on manually and turn off automatically, but with a manual over-ride, are preferable in most situations. Be aware that the sensors use some power continuously, up to 5W or even 10W in some cases.

Use timers, daylight controls and motion sensors to switch outdoor security lights on and off automatically. Similar controls are particularly useful for common areas, such as hallways, corridors and stairwells, in multi-unit housing. Consider using solar powered lighting for garden and security lights.

Modern dimmer controls for incandescent lights (including halogens) save energy and also increase bulb life. Most standard fluorescent lamps cannot be dimmed, but special dimmers and lamps are available. When installing new light fittings and controls ensure they are compatible with CFLs.

10 Energy Lighting Saving Tips

   Rooms are often excessively lit. Make sure you are not using a higher wattage bulb than is necessary.
   Install light dimmers were possible. They can save up to 50% of energy use.
   Turn off unnecessary lights, including fluorescent lamps especially if leaving a room for more than ten minutes.
   install sensor lights for out side lighting, most have timers inbuilt.
   A small lamp in the lounge with 12 watt energy globe can be handy in open-plan areas.
   Clean light diffusers and covers regularly to allow more light to pass through.
   Install extra two way switching for hard to reach light switch design. (halls, stairs, large rooms)
   Decorating with light colored finishes and furnishings can improve light reflection & allow lighting levels to be reduced.
   Install indoor light sensors to control lighting when you only need them on, great for young family's with children that   cannot reach light switches.
   Install light sensors or pantry door switches for pantry lighting.